Three Months

One day, two days, three… One month, two months, and THREE…day by day, month by month, is the only way I reached three months of absolute abstenance from any mind altering substance. WOW, that is crazy to see in writing. This is definitely a struggle. Nothing easy about staying sober. Now it is the time start changing my thoughts, feelings, and behaviors for the better. Got to get out of this torchorous rut I feel myself falling into. Loneliness is not a friend of mine. Time to get out there and become one with the group. I have realized that fighting the feeling is  worthless, I must give in and do this right. No reason to slide back now. Need to put one foot in front of the other. Coolest thing I’ve heard today: BE WHERE YOUR FEET ARE. Living in the moment is a brand new concept to me. Maybe I’ll get that tattooed somewhere on my body. One thing a time…


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