Saying Goodbye

I don’t believe in goodbyes. They are cruel, sad, and unnecessary. One week from today I leave to start a new adventure and I am truly frightened. A new set of eyes and a new inward strength are the only things that will keep me safe. People come and go, but it’s the ones that make such an impression, they never REALLY leave you. Throughout my past I have never experienced a good goodbye. The loss of close friends and family always happen abruptly in my life. I usually miss the moment to say a proper goodbye. I feel scarred from that and am working to heal. Once an important person leaves your life forever, you are left to cope with the pain and sadness. Currently I have been sitting in pain and sadness and learning how to actually embrace the emotions without altering my mind and body. It is a process and must be a belief that I will make it, no matter what, because I have survived thus far for some reason. As my new book begins, I consider this part of it my preface. When I reach home again, that will be the first chapter. My final chapter is unknown and I will strive to make it a great one.



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